Monday, June 28, 2010

A Crowded Field:)

The RE:tie has much to commend it.

However, in my wildest dreams would I ever have claimed that such a mundane, niche item could inspire too many folk to ponder improvements, especially those with an eco-cachet usually added.

However, after such high-profile entrants such as Rapstrap, we now have the Leaf Tie, by LufDesign.

Another welcome complement to 'the pool', especially if it focusses attention on the potential of rethinking this very ubiquitous and useful bit of kit. Certainly all the potential uses are well worth adding to RE:tie's application list.

Whilst any clever cable tie design evolutions great complementary profile boosts, I have still to ruefully reflect that it seems making new stuff to sell for money (albeit in a good cause) will get more attention. Especially when so darn pretty and well framed.

ps: A plug for the latest YouTube demo

However, one must at least try to claim a slight edge on the cost and even enviro stakes, by being free, simply re-using existing materials in second use redesign, and not needing any additional plastic packaging to market.

And any profits we might make will doubtless get ploughed into more 'doing' innovations.

But, while I'm at it, Sunday continued to prove an odd, if rewarding day for other opportunities:

Does packaging design affect littering?